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Bolsas de tejido sin tejer, bolsas TNT y bolsas TST


The nonwoven is made from a chemical process with synthetic textile fibers. The nonwoven material is mainly produced from synthetic textile fibers such as polypropylene (PP) and polyester (mainly PET). Used in packaging applications for reuse.

This material can be finished in glossy or matte laminates, tailor made according to the needs of each client.

Special service of small productions for campaigns, halls, congresses and conventions.

The bags made in this material are reusable of greater durability and resistance.

They are also very convenient bags for very large and / or heavy items.

Possibility of zipper closures, velcro, buttons ..

Non-Woven Technical Features:
Fiber: Polypropylene. In itself it is not a textile fiber although it seems it. Material made from synthetic fibers.
Biodegradable / Short: No.
Reusable: Yes. Will suffer wear according to use.
Recyclable: Yes. At the end of the useful life of the bag, it can be recycled in the plastic container. (Yellow container in Spain).
Recycled: No.

Valldeperas' range of textile bags and covers are made from environmentally friendly materials.


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