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Vegetable fibers intertwined. To obtain the jute requires a warm and humid climate. 80% of jute production comes from India and Bangladesh. This fiber has a rustic and natural appearance.

Bags made of jute or burlap made to measure. Traditional look.

The bags made with natural fibers give the user the message and an ecological and sensitive image with the environment.

We can dye jute to pantone.

Corporate image and custom designs, printing, screen printing and embroidery.

Technical Specifications of Jute:
Fiber: Textile fiber of vegetable origin. Considered the second of the vegetable fibers after cotton.
Biodegradable / short: Y
Reusable: Yes. Jute bags are of maximum reuse.
Recyclable: Yes.
Recycled: Yes. Jute can be recycled or virgin fiber.
Main advantage of this material: Natural Aspect. Maximum reuse

Valldeperas' range of textile bags and covers are made from environmentally friendly materials.

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